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Monday, May 16, 2011


This is the O.L.D. (ancient) blog of artist Farley Gwazda, whose real website is here:

There are lots of videos and drawings there, and it is wa-a-a-ay cool. Soooo...



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Friday, April 23, 2010

old shoe

If I started blogging again?

I haven't blogged in somethinglike wayyy more than a year, and I'm much a more boringer now, so it'ddd probly be mass boringer. Plus I got a job to phoot. Uggawugga!

Monetize? WTF is thaat? Things have changed here in the guts of my blob.

Anyway, I feel like if I blogged then I wouldn't have to spend time on facebook, the blog and mind destroyer. If I were wise I would realize the folly of countering one time waster with another more insidious time waster. But I am not wise!

I am thinking about starting an arts organization - can't say much for certain right now - it's all very hush. But I guess I would start a more officially ficial blog about that, but that'd be not as much fun as this blog cause of having to be respectable and all. So maybe I should keep this as my juice tidbits blog, and start a new blog for the face of me.

Tiddy juicebits.

Haha - I noticed that people keep on a commenting on old posts, even though it's quite apparent that I've been hit by a bus. I WAS HIT BY A BUS CYBER STRANGERS I WAS HITTT BYT A BUSSS!

I was hit by a bus.

So tell me - I have no mind.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Digital Faux Attention

Those of you who have seen the work I made this winter may see why this video appeals to me. I'm disinterested in digital animation that attempts to create accurate representations of the human face, but I think there is some terrifying idea buried in this video, an idea about what it means to be human.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Black Cloud

Hey - I discovered this video.

Wow it really seems to relate somehow to what I've been doing this summer; I highly recommend checking it out and reposting it.

Haha. Seriously.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

They brought rope.

Third graders rise up!

It's because only the youth, being yet wild, are aware that we grown-up monkeys have fucked things up bigtime.

Does it surprise you? Remember how mean they were? Remember your threatening songs? Remember how they did not respect you? Made you cry? Are you that tame? Whatever happened to your wild spirit? There is no reason that there needs to be so much pain in training, pain in living in one of the endless system of flimsy boxes.

Should we make the choice to create a false idol that speaks to us in a voice we can understand?

It's all set in the future, so the fantasy doesn't have to get snuffed yet. Stories burn easy when they are created in an empty space. Energy cycles.

Does it surprise you?

Friday, July 25, 2008


Love this;

More internet TV

Huzzah BBC! The Brits offer us sad Norte Americanos a different perspective on postmodern times. USA public TV doesn't even come close to asking these kinds of challenging (and slightly histrionic) questions.

I have so much to say about the subjects about these bits that I don't even really want to say anything. It's been hard for me to find what kind of voice I want to speak in through my art, and, as I am hyperbusy, I've decided to keep it a bit bottled-up. Oh - I'm only throwing the first of these series in - they are both longish.

I like this documentary. It reinforces some romantic myths that make it easier for me to deal with things.

And this one is nicely dramatic, but I think for a good reason.

Information specificity quandary

This is my favorite English sentence, and it contains five a's, one b, three c's, three d's, thirty-one e's, six f's, two g's, seven h's, sixteen i's, one j, one k, two l's, two m's, twenty-four n's, seventeen o's, one p, one q, nine r's, thirty-four s's, twenty-two t's, four u's, six v's, seven w's, six x's, six y's, and one z.

You have to think for a second to realize that this sentence is more specific than most. 

I found this on Vleeptron_Z, a blog I've been reading lately.

I'm sorry for not writing more. There are reasons, Detra, but I'll not go into them.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All the phonemes

In the past year I have spent a LOT of time cutting up pre-recorded text to make new words for projects such as "Chaliff Lifestory" and "Room-Record" and going back to obscure video projects I did years ago.

Because I will have to do this kind of activity again to create "Anomalies" (audio clues for the B L A C K C L O U D project), I was thinking about how I could record all the phonemes in English in one fell swoop.

Phonemes are the basic SOUNDS of the language. This is different from the letters of the alphabet (everyone knows about the quick brown fox).

I started looking for a sentence (or paragraph) that used all the phonemes from English. I've seen it called a "panphonic" sentence. I found a lot of false leads, but here is the only true attempt I've been able to locate.

The pleasure of Shawn’s company
Is what I most enjoy.
He put a tack on Ms. Yancey’s chair
When she called him a horrible boy.
At the end of the month he was flinging two kittens
Across the width of the room.
I count on his schemes to show me a way now
Of getting away from my gloom.

Wonderful Maxwell's Silver Hammer feeling!

Thanks to Literal-Minded, a neat-looking linguistics blog. Check it out to read the interesting backstory on this... Involves Philip K. Dick, yo!

Of course, I've read in Linguistics books and learned from experience editing that consonants can't be separated from the vowels that follow them, and there are lots of other issues such as guttural stops, gliding vowels, etc. S o this sentence would have to be rapidly expanded to account for all these things. However, Literal-Minded gets mad points (and a reader) for acknowledging this in an intelligent way. There is no conclusion on these things, but I'm happy someone else is thinking about them...

I wonder if a true panphonic sentence has been developed by companies that develop automated voices for phonebots? Perhaps they have an approach that is a tad more practical and less fun but, whatever, I want to be able to use it myself!

Tis a bummer these things are proprietary. I wish this information was out there - it would allow me to be more productive and entertain(ing/ed).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jam Cast

Did my spit not grow up to be watermelon?

I'm digging failure now, but it's not now. I'm terribly tired of imagining without a router. A whirling one, a whirling one.

I'm alright but I want to listen to music so bad. I wonder what kind of timeline we're on?

Gimmicks and Stunts.

I know there is a way! Shredding it and throwing it up in the air? Cutting the edges off sloppily? Maybe I can drag it around a crazy screen free from the desktop leaving eternal blink echoes all round?

The universe has a shape you know. A funnel on top of a tree on top of a globe with water shooting yellow snaking hungry sunshine wavelet meshwork patterns all over the background. But that's not it, not it. Need a new one, image it and it's untrue. Maybe we imagine a donut and we're in it. This part is my kingdom, that red sprinkle behind the yellow one? That's my castle. No no, sadly no.

I hear music, but it's oh so far away and like a mechanical bellows. Not something you can hold onto at all at all.

I've been thinking production, but really the fascination in in translucency. Or nudity. Or hungry metal-mouthed monsters.

The big bang is one thing in a Y. There are countless other things that fit that fuzzy set. An infinity wouldn't never fit on your harddrive.

The brain is not digital, nor can it be simplified and simulated as digital. The first mechanical mind will be made by Moog or Korg; it's a damn fine day for a race. There are such things as clouds and impossible paradoxes, there are still unknown forces at work.

How do you reach out? How do you leave a record? If you take the path of forgetting to remember that there are hard things out there, then you can really manipulate the system with your fantasies, but it is immoral. If the universe was shaped destructively you would be barren, but shapeless you'd bloom. But what's the freakin' point of flowers in a dark loop, right?

Oh - so maybe if I use words and mechanically substitute the wrong ones and keep it secret from myself. Never tell me. Then would I be morally culpable? What if the mechanics were in my brain, in between my thought and action? Is there a border there or is it two tribes with strong centers? Or no centers? These things aren't written on paper!

Hollowness reminds us of secrets by metaphor.

Metaphors are difficult to reverse-engineer in detailed contemplation - our current "up down warm cold in out" simplifications don't count as productive chases - only rigid terrible thought.

The new academic does not allow themselves to be tortured by rigid edges, but instead sinks into the ocean of all the possible attention fields. "In and out" is a basic yeah, but you need go through the tree by the branches, not the roots.

Sort by likes, isolate, modify, multiply. Remember to leave the edges fuzzy.

What does it mean to be lazy? Sympathy for rocks and sticks is one definition - letting loose - so deeply sucked into the tiny stark details of the real that the center gets fuzzy. The opposite of this state is not fuzzy but pixelly, a staged shot from a step back and a heart attack. This is what is called strength of self, purpose, hard-edged abstraction. Where does the cruelty emerge? Where is it torn away?

Cloudy cloud, how do you live in the air? I can see invisible dangers with my prototype omniscient eye - they are pixelly. If I had my way I'd eat candy all day, but I don't have time for you Cloudy, go away. I'm trying to be a modern person, go away.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby Blue!

This is AWESOME! I thought that H-dogg, U would especially dig this.

I guess I had this idea that his voice was just naturally high - like he was some thin-lunged freak of nature. I was going to say that I was disappointed, but seeing his studio - whoa!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Black Cloud

Hello people!

I have finished the bear's share of my work for the semester and I plan to be posting here more often!

I am very excited to share something truly extraordinary with you!

We live in a culture that is completely saturated with "believe" media that is designed by the state to make your mind soft and easy to manipulate (I'm talking about all those shows that claim that "investigate" aliens, ghosts, and psy powers). Because of this, it is difficult to talk about truly mind-bending yet scientifically-verifiable phenomena. One risks looking like a yutz...

In the Bay Area over the past several months or so, several witnesses have reported seeing something in the sky that they could not explain. Recently the number of sightings has increased dramatically! Apparently the atmospheric phenomenon looks like a dark cloud of smoke, which in itself is not unusual, but this smoke seems to move with a sense of purpose from place to place, not drift along with the wind... Now, this isn't "X-files"- I don't want to say that I have any idea what is going on here, but neither can I discount the stories shared by so many - all the details that have emerged have been eerily consistent...

To this end, I have been working with the Berkeley BID lab, who are designing sensor-boxes to track this phenomena, which the popular media has dubbed the "Black Cloud." I want to tell you all about it, but there are SO MANY details that I think you should just head over to and read for yourselves! Honestly, this is worth your time!

As for my involvement, I should probably be discrete about it, and so should you.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

UC Berkeley 2008 MFA exhibition

The UC Berkeley 2008 MFA exhibition "These Canyons" opened last night at Berkeley Art Museum. Now, as I have spent almost a year in very close quarters with this amazing group of seven artists, learning from them, growing with them, and going to karaoke with them I can hardly be called an unbiased critic, but I judge this to be a show that is overwhelmingly beautiful while challenging viewer's expectations with a broad range of ideas about what art can do.

I will not go into detail here, but I urge you to visit the museum website devoted to this show to see images and short descriptions of these artists' work;

These Canyons at Berkeley Art Museum

My experience last night was one of physical exhaustion as I'd spent the afternoon sitting through a graduation ceremony in the burning sun of the heat wave we've been experiencing for the last couple of days and wandering through an endless stream of openings and receptions fueled by a diet of gooey leftover brie rinds and celery sticks (serves me right for always being late...). However, I did take great pleasure in seeing many of the friends and artists I have met over the past year and talking crazy at them. But the most interesting part of the night was looking at how people interacted with the art. I am very familiar with all of this work, being that one of the most unique and positive attributes of the Berkeley program is that we have three hour critique sessions with all of our twelve fellow MFA candidates once a semester and we really dig down to the foundations of what each artist is trying to do with their work. Having spent so much time looking and looking at each piece, it is fascinating to see the casual viewer walk through the show absorbing the work; I wonder about their experience, what they are absorbing, what relationship they have to the work, what they judge the value of the art to be. I love to observe how people's eyes scan over the work, their posture, their facial expressions, the time they spend. Some bright smiles, some priceless disgusted grimaces!

One issue that I had with the museum, trivial though it may be, was that while two artists in the show create very sensitive and convincing art that is very much about creating a more respectful relationship between humans and animals, the caterers chose to serve a slaughterfest meat feast with nothing available for vegans except celery and the like. Too bad they could not have been more in tune with the ideas in the show because it exactly this kind of dissonance that creates the impression that art only relates to a world of artists, cut off from everyday life. This reinforces my recent leanings towards creating art that operates mainly outside of the museum context, this not being part of the school of museum-critique art (although I certainly respect this), but rather a kind of practical concern to increase efficiency. That said, I am very excited that one of my classmates will be opening a small experimental museum here in Richmond and I plan to write more about this later.

In any case - I hope you follow the link above and take a look at the work of my amigos.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My studio

This is where I'm at most of the time.